How To buy Crypto Currency in India 

How To buy Crypto Currency in India

How To buy Crypto Currency in India

If you are looking for buy cryptocurrency in India, then you have to choose a platform which has lots of crypto coins to invest. If you find a platform, then you have to select coin which you are looking for If you buy bitcoin in India, then you have to invest 50,49,808.55 INR for one coin.

It depends on you how much money you have to invest in these coins, you also buy a minimum of 100 INR in bitcoin. there is a lots of Cryptocurrency in in india to buy coins. If you buy Doge cryptocurrency in India, then you have to invest 12.23 INR for one coin. If you invest 1000 INR in Doge Coin, you will get 71.8 Doge Coin.

How to buy or sell cryptocurrency in India?

If you buy a coin, then you put the quantity, how much you buy, and then amount will be shown, and you pay the amount instantly. You get coins in your platform wallet with 100% security and encryption.

How does it work?

Suppose you invested a coin for 10 INR in 100 Quantities in your investment in total of 1000 INR, and suddenly this coin Again gains by 10 INR Its mean right now this coin price 20 INR your investment would be 2000 INR (+100% returns), and then you decided to sell it. It is very simple to sell the coin. go to the platform and select the coin which you looking to sell and select quantities How many quantities do you sell right now?

If you sell total investment, it is very easy. you can see the sell option in bottom and sell it and you get 2000 INR in your wallet and also you can directly withdrawl the money in your bank account in some of cases withdrawl money will credited in you bank ac in maximum of 48 hours business work.

Invest in cryptocurrency in India. 

We suggest you download the Coindcx app from the Play Store or App Store and create an account. Submit your KYC and account details. You will receive a verification email on your email address. Now you can buy or sell cryptocurrency in india at any time and anywhere.

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