Best Top 3 Meme coin Invest in 2024

Best Top 3 Meme coin Invest in 2024

1/Doge coin

Doge coin is most popular meme coin . Doge coin market cap is over 22 billion USD Doge coin current price is 14.19 INR (0.17 USD) Doge coin is a fast and instant payment system based on the litecoin architecture  . current price is +122.78% higher then its one-year high price .

2/Bonk Coin

Bonk is the first Dog theme coin on solana. “For the people, by the people,” with 50% of the total supply of the Cryptocurrency. Bonk current price is 0.200 USD . current price is -10.55% lower then its 1-year high price . Bonk coin achieve 72 position  in Biggest market Cap coin list .

3: Shiba Inu

Shiba inu is a meme crypto which began a social token and has now transformed into a decentralized  ecosystem. Shiva Inu’s current price is 0.002422 USD . current price is +156% Higher then its one-year high price .

(There are some expert says Regarding  Shiba inu price potential, speculating that it could potentially reach 1USD In  future.)

Price prediction?

i) Is it really good to invest in meme coin these days ?

ii) There are lots of questions  in our mind .

iii) we really gain profit or not ?

iv) Does we really  gain profit after the investment? Well, as you can see, you will not gain profit  directly but you win definitely  gain profit in future .

v) if we invest in meme coins, Do we really need any guidance? What will be the price range ? That we should  buy ? Well all i can say: meme coins price really gaining high to low and low to high in these days. So what I suggest you buy?

(Turn on notification  alert and set the These Top 3 Meme coin price.)

*Doge coin at 12.80/12.85 INR (0.15USD)

*Bonk coin at 0.000194/0.000198 USD

*Shiba Inu coin at 0.002340/0.002350 USD

(Whenever price goes low, you will get notification alert.)



Buy These Top 3 meme coins at the suggesting price you win definitely again profit in future.

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