Top 5 Trending Cryptocurrency In 2024

Top 5 Trending Cryptocurrencies In 2024

1/ Solana


About coin : 

Solana coin is most trending coin In 2024.

current Price is 16,194 INR (194 USD). current price is +745% higher then its one-year high price. Solana becomes in the top 5 position in biggest market-cap coins list. Solana’s all-time Highest price is 19250 INR  (231 USD). this time, Solana is ready to Break it’s all-time high price before end of the April month.


Price prediction : 

Our research  team Suggest you buy Solana Coin At 15150/15200 ( 181.50 USD). We think Solana coin going 4 times higher at the end of 2024 .



Doge coin is most popular meme coin . Right now, Doge coin. price is 15.10 INR (0.18 USD). Current +132.34% Higher then it’s one-year high price . Past-day  Growth  is +3.37% higher.  Doge coin going up and up in price day by day . Doge coin has a market cap  of 22.22 Billion USD . Doge Coin ranked in the in the Top 10 position on the biggest market cap coin list.


Price prediction :

Doge coin touches its all-time highest price at the end of the year 2024. We suggest you buy Doge coin at 13.40/13.60 INR (0.16USD) .



About coin :

Shiba Inu is a meme coin which began a social token and has now transformed into a decentralized  ecosystem .current price is 0.002468 (USD). current price is +166.00% higher then last year’s high price. The past-day Day Growth rate is +1.39% higher . Shiba Inu is one of the trending coins in the market, and now there are lots of people talking about the coin and its future.


Price Prediction :


There are some Experts who say

Shiba INU price potential, speculating

that it could potentially reach

82.92 INR (1 USD) In the future. We recommend  buy these coin at 0.002300 USD .


4/ XRP


About coin :


XRP is a real-time Gross settlement system and remittance remittancenetwork. Founder Of XRP coin Jed McCaleb, Jeff Larsen. The current price is 56.40 INR (56.40 USD). current price +44.39% Higher then it’s one-year-high price. XRP coin Market cap: Over 33.53 Billion USD .XRP coin ranked in the top 6 position in the Market cap list And is the most trending coin till Now.


Price Prediction :


Is it really Good to Invest in RRP coin  these days?

Well, the price of coins really goes from high to low and low to high these days We suggest you buy XRP coin at 50 INR (0.60 USD) for high returns in future .


5/ Terra ( LUNA) 


About Coin : 


Luna is a platform aimed at building a programmable  world of money . Luna is a Trending coin these days , Lots of people talking and investing in this coin.  Luna market cap is over 765.61 Million USD . Luna coin’s Current price is 102 INR (1.22USD) . Current price: +53.34% Higher then its one-year High price. Its going high and high these days . This is the best time to invest in Luna coin .


Price Prediction  


> we see Luna coin gains +30.68% past 1 week .

If Luna continues  like this, it is going to be more  higher then expected. As we can see , Buy whenever  it goes to 82/85 INR (1.02 1.02USD).





If you buy these top 5 trending coins at the suggested price, you will definitely get better and higher profits in the future.

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