Top 5 Meme Tokens To Invest For Next Bull Rally

1/ Floki Inu

Floki is the people’s Cryptocurrency  and the utility token of the Floki Ecosystem. It is a Cryptocurrency  birthed by fans and members of the shiba inu community and is inspired by Elon musk’s Shiba Inu .

Price Prediction

current price is 0.02 INR . This is the right time to buy this Cryptocurrency  for future. If you buy this coin  there are high potential  to get High returns in future.

2/ Constitution DAO 

Constitution DAO was a crowd-funding movement  to buy a first edition copy of the U.S.constriction  people is the token representing a share of the

Constitution DAO . Current price is 3.61 INR .

Price Prediction

Current price is over +2.34 INR +184.03% Higher then past 1 week price.

It is really good to invest in Constitution DAO coin these days ?

well coins price really goings High to low and low to high these days we suggest yo to buy Constitution DAO Coin at 3.20/3.30 INR For high returns in future .



Right Now Doge coin Price is 13.50 INR (0.16 USD). Current Value Its +7.42 INR (O.O9O USD). +110.94% Higher then it’s

one year high price . Past one day  Growth  is +8.16% . Doge coin going  upper and higher price day by day . Doge coin market cap  of 22.22 Billion USD . Doge coin ranked Top 10 position on biggest Market cap Coins List .

About Coin 

Dogecoin is a fast  and instant payment system based on the  litecoin architecture . Doge coin logo is inspired  by a World popularized Dog AKA Shiba Inu.


4/ Meme Coin 

This time meme coin price is 3.64 INR (0.044USD) . Current value its +1.93INR (0.023USD) +112.59% Higher then its one year high price . Past one day growth rate is +7.15% Higher. Meme coin All time Highest price touched in 3march 2024 In IN 4.5 INR(0.054USD).

Current price is -16.63% lower then its past one week high price meme coin market cap of 471,751,037USD . meme coin touched its all time high price at the end of March 2024.

About Coin

Meme coin is the native ecosystem  token of memeland. Memeland focus is socialfi and creator economy , its aims at connecting creators and communities together through NFT.


5/ Bonk

March 2024 today Bonk price 0.00256 . current value is its +0.00012 Higher growth rate is +5.35% Higher then Its one years high price. Past One Day Growth rate is +2.42% upper. Bonk All time High price Is 0.00271. Before March end Bonk again touch its All time High mark. Bonk coin Ranked Top 12 position on Biggest market cap coin list. Bonk coin market cap of 743946 US Dollar

About coin

Bonk is the first Dog theme coin on Solana “For the people. by the people” with 50% Of the total supply of the Cryptocurrency.


Bonus Coin 


This time, the SHIBA INU price is 0.002305 . The current value it’s +0.001660 Higher and Growth rate is +179.46% higher then It’s one year ago price. Past one day, the growth rate is +12.45%. Shiba InU Touch is all-time high priced In 21, 2021 Of 0.006400 USD. The current price is -14.74% lower than its one week price. there are some Experts Says Regarding Shiba Inu price potential, speculating that it could potentially reach 82.92 INRI 1 USD).

About Coin

SHIBA INU is a meme crypto which began a social token and has now transformed into a decentralized ecosystem.

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